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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am having trouble with a Master Brick 3.1, which I think is in bootloader mode: - while trying to solve an other problem, at some point "erase" and "reset" were pressed - none of the Brick's LEDs light up - Brickv does not recognise the Brick (it does recognise an other MB 3.1: same cable, same USB port) When trying to flash the Brick, it is not recognised either: Update/Flashing -> Brick -> Serial Port: "No Brick in Bootloader found" In other words, the Brick seems "dead". How can I revive it? (Brickv 2.4.20 on MacOS 12.0.1 on Apple Silicon) Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hello, I have a WIFI Master Extension 2.0 mounted on top of a Master Brick 3.1 As per the documentation I can control the green status LED of the WIFI Extension 2.0 with two methods: #enable_wifi2_status_led #disable_wifi2_status_led When I call the disable method, the led turns off, and #is_wifi2_status_led_enabled returns false, as expected. When I call the enable method, the led does not turn back on, but #is_wifi2_status_led_enabled returns true. Only when I reset the Master Brick does the green LED turn on again. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? (Edited to clarify #is_wifi2_status_led_enabled returns expected result)
  3. Hello, The documentation says #get_chip_temperature returns chip temperature in units of 1/10 °C for Master Bricks. I assume this is a typo, and it actually returns 1/100 °C.
  4. The documentation says: I might be wrong, but I think there is no such LED (I looked). There are of course the three backlight LEDs ("indicator" lights), but these are software controlled and do not reflect the motion detected status unless you set them manually (as the video here shows). This might be a leftover from the previous version of the Bricklet: Could someone clarify, or correct the documentation?
  5. Hello, I have an NFC Bricklet that is factory new: it has only been accessed through Brickv to do some test scans. When I call #get_detection_led_config it returns 4. That value is not in the documentation. What does '4' mean?
  6. Hello, Maybe I'm wrong, but I have a suspicion BrickletSegmentDisplay4x7V2#get_segments does not return correct values. I think the Bricklet responds with correct data, but the data is mangled when unpacked. To be precise, when data is unpacked for the first segment (8 values), too much data is slurped so nothing remains for the other 27 values. Here is a quick & dirty debug helper: module Tinkerforge class BrickletSegmentDisplay4x7V2 def debug_get_segments puts ' |.......|.......|.......|.......|.|' puts 'get_segments : ' + get_segments.flatten.map { |b| b ? '1' : '0' }.join puts 'actual response: ' + (send_request FUNCTION_GET_SEGMENTS, [], '', 14, '?35' ).map { |b| b ? '1' : '0' }.join puts '' end end end
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