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Pb IMU Brick 2.0 with Python 3.6

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Hello ,


I'm using Python 3.6.


I can run the example to emunerate my device.

When I'm using example_simple.py from IMU brick 2.0.

I have an error message from  imu.get_quaternion()


in get_quaternion

    return GetQuaternion(*self.ipcon.send_request(self, BrickIMU.FUNCTION_GET_QUATERNION, (), '', 'f f f f'))


  File "C:\Users\JPannetier\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\tinkerforge\ip_connection.py", line 1194, in send_request

    return unpack_payload(response[8:], form_ret)


  File "C:\Users\JPannetier\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\tinkerforge\ip_connection.py", line 251, in unpack_payload

    x = struct.unpack(f, data[:length])


error: unpack requires a buffer of 4 bytes


Thank you

Best regard

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But it says "BrickIMU.FUNCTION_GET_QUATERNION" in your pasted error message. It should be "BrickIMUV2". Are you sure you are not using the IMU 1.0 example?

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I'm using a Brick IMU 2.0 with its example :



When I opened the source of Brick IMU 2.0, i can notice :

Into communication.c :


void get_quaternion(const ComType com, const GetQuaternion *data) {

GetQuaternionReturn gqr;


gqr.header        = data->header;

gqr.header.length = sizeof(GetQuaternionReturn);

gqr.x            = sensor_data.qua_x;

gqr.y            = sensor_data.qua_y;

gqr.z            = sensor_data.qua_z;

gqr.w            = sensor_data.qua_w;


send_blocking_with_timeout(&gqr, sizeof(GetQuaternionReturn), com);



And into communication.h


typedef struct {

MessageHeader header;

int16_t w;

int16_t x;

int16_t y;

int16_t z;

} __attribute__((__packed__)) GetQuaternionReturn;





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