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Weather and Sensor Station Public Observatory

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Hi All,

For our Public Astronomical Observatory we created a TinkerForge setup.


- Masterbrick

- Ethernet Master extension

- Outdoor weather bricklet ( Outdoor Weather station & Temp/Sensor TH-6148 in the telescope Dome to check humidity and check dew point.)

- Temperature bricklet & Humidity bricklet (Indoor measurement control-room)



- Masterbrick

- Ethernet Master extension

- Ambient light Sensor & UV Sensor under protecting dome to measure outside light and UV radiation

- Will be extended with Barometer bricklet and 4-digit LED


We have an small Centos based Server (Mini-PC; Intel Celeron, dual-core, 8GB mem, SSD) running the required processes;

- Java programs for WeatherStation and SensorStation which stores the data in standard txt-files.

- We use node-red to "tail"  the txt-files and store the data in an InfluxDB Database.

- Grafana Server is then used to expose the data via http.

We have a wall mounted TV and Raspberry PI which is running in kiosk mode and connects to the Grafana Server to show the data in some interesting graphs to the public.


The purpose of the setup is not just to show the weather and sensor data, but also to show the public how technology is used to gather data, use programming to do something interesting stuff with the data. Learn programming, learn technology, etc.


What other interesting things could we do or show with the Tikerforge components? Any nice ideas?

Needs to be interesting, needs to help people to get interested in technology, IT, programming, science and physics?

Some explanation of what we setup. We still need to add some better pictures of the TinkerForge setup.






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Very nice project! I like how you installed the electronics behind a transparent panel.

On 2/1/2020 at 8:58 PM, smitae said:

Ambient light Sensor & UV Sensor under protecting dome to measure outside light and UV radiation

I am looking for something similar: a weatherproof case or housing that does not block too much light/UV. Can you share some more information about the dome you are using and the way you installed it? A picture maybe? Do you compensate your measurements somehow for light blocked by the dome?

Thanks for any info you can share.

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