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Brick Viewer 2.4.13

  • Fix race condition in RED Brick program state tracking
  • Report actual cause for connection errors
  • Don't reset RED Brick tab on every enumerate callback (fixes tab reset on selecting the Server Monitoring tab)
  • Ensure that all dialogs have proper close buttons
  • Fix close buttons for for detached tabs
  • Fix race condition in RED Brick overview sorting

Downloads: Windows, Linux, macOS

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Bindings: MQTT 2.0.11

  • Add --cmdline-file, --broker-tls-secure, --no-debug, --symbolic-response, --hide-payload and --no-init-file commandline options

Download: MQTT

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Brick Viewer 2.4.14

  • Fix monoflop handling to cover full uint32 duration range
  • Better indicate disconnected state
  • Highlight timeout error counter > 0 in bold red
  • Fix slider/spinbox mismatch on auto-reconnect in DC Brick plugin
  • Avoid UI jumps on value changes in Energy Monitor Bricklet plugin
  • Add extra checkbox to avoid accidental port number changes
  • Handle all errors while downloading firmware updates

Downloads: Windows, Linux, macOS

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Bindings: C/C++ 2.1.30, C# 2.1.28, Delphi/Lazarus 2.1.29, Go 2.0.9, Java 2.1.29, JavaScript 2.1.31, LabVIEW 2.1.27, Mathematica 2.1.27, MATLAB/Octave 2.0.29, MQTT 2.0.12, Perl 2.1.28, PHP 2.1.27, Python 2.1.27, Ruby 2.1.27, Rust 2.0.16, Saleae 2.0.4, Shell 2.1.28, Visual Basic .NET 2.1.27

  • Add support for IMU Bricklet 3.0 and Industrial Dual AC Relay Bricklet [All]
  • Fix inline documentation syntax errors [Perl]
  • Log API bindings version on start-up [MQTT]
  • Fix timeout error handling [MQTT]
  • Improve Python 2 compatibility [MQTT]
  • Fix array handling in RS232 2.0 and RS485 Bricklet write functions [Octave]

Download: C/C++, C#, Delphi/Lazarus, Go, Java, JavaScript, LabVIEW, Mathematica, MATLAB/Octave, MQTT, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust, Saleae, Shell, Visual Basic .NET

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Brick Daemon 2.4.2

  • Properly shutdown subsystems on Ctrl+C instead of abruptly exiting on Windows
  • Rotate persistent log file on Windows and limit its total size to 25 MB
  • Add commandline options to override log and config file location on Windows
  • Colorize Log Viewer live log messages on Windows
  • Reword Log Viewer messages to be less ambiguous on Windows
  • Add build option to work without a device file manager such as udevd on Linux
  • Allow to handle more then 6 USB devices on Windows
  • Use BCM2835 library for SPI connected Bricklets on Raspberry Pi to improve performance and work around SPI chip select conflict between Linux kernel 5.4 and HAT Brick firmware < 2.0.2
  • Improve log messages related to HAT (Zero) Brick on Linux
  • Fix SPI hardware chip select usage on Linux
  • Allow to fully static link brickd for Docker container usage on Linux
  • Switch Debian package build to debhelper and drop SysV init support
  • Improve USB transfer error logging and stall error recovery

Downloads: Windows, Linux (amd64, i386, armhf, arm64), macOS

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