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The documentation says:


Note The currently released firmware (2.0.4) does not save the calibration every 12 hours. We had to disable this because of a bug in the proprietary load/save mechanism that we can't fix. We will release a new firmware that has this enabled again as soon as this bug is fixed.

My Air Quality Bricklet reports firmware_version '2.0.5'.

Does this mean this bug is now fixed?

related commit (Disable automatic calibration load/save for now)

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This is not yet changed unfortunately, the calibration is currently not saved in the firmware.

However, i just checked the Bosch site and they have released while we still use Maybe it is fixed now, i wrote it on my TODO list and will check it when i have time.

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I would really appreciate that.

Since March 2019 the Air Quality Bricklet no longer saves its calibration data, correct?

As it takes 28 days to fully calibrate, and the system here reboots once a month, this yields max 3 days of reliable data per month.

I am willing to work with you to solve this (and invest some time from my side), but if there is no solution in sight I will retire this Bricklet.


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