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General Discussion / WiFi connection in Client mode doesn't work
« on: September 12, 2018, 18:00:04 »
Hello! I have a problem with accessing my device on the network in both "Client" and "Client and Access Point" mode.

I introduced the SSID and the password correctly in the Brick Viewer and when I check "Show status" I see that my device obtained an IP. However, it doesn't transmit anything on the network. I attached a screenshot with the status of the device.

I logged into my router to see what may be the cause and through the Security settings I can see the "Connected Wireless Devices" and I can see my Tinkerforge module there. However, there is another category called "Offline devices" and the module also appears under that category. I attached a photo of this for reference. Does anybody know what might be the cause? Thank you.

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