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Actually, since we're on the subject, shouldn't I have gotten any errors that were more indicative of what I was missing?

That is, should you still be allowed to call set functions on a bad UID?

Ah... Of course. I knew I missed something, and for some reason I kept skipping right over that exact piece of the puzzle each time.

Thanks, and sorry for bothering you with something so trivial!  :-X

So I got a master brick and a motion detector V2 bricklet hooked up, and it's connected to my PC via USB. In brickd I can see stuff happening, and in brickv it actually shows that motion is being detected. However, when I use the API -- Nothing happens. I even tried to build just the sample code, and while it seems to be getting past the connection code without any errors, no events fire.

At first I tried to see if any of the functions that would turn its LED indicators on would work, but nothing did. I then tried to see if I could get the current state using GetStatusLEDConfig(), as well as a few other methods that retrieve parameters, and each time I got the same type of exception (with different function IDs of course):
Code: [Select]
Tinkerforge.TimeoutException: 'Did not receive response in time for function ID 240'
I also made sure everything was being run as administrator.

I don't think there's any problem with the hardware, since it obviously works fine with brickv, LEDs and all, but without the API I can't really put it to use.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?

I'm using Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition in Windows 10.
I first tried it in Unity, and when it didn't work there I tried the sample code on its own. Even with the newest package from Nuget, I get the same results.

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