Author Topic: Issues Raspberry Pi & RED Brick  (Read 806 times)


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Issues Raspberry Pi & RED Brick
« on: June 21, 2018, 09:42:42 »
Encountered some issues when connecting the RED-Brick (RED) to a Raspberry Pi (RPi) 3B+ running latest OS Strech.

Raspberry Pi: Installed brickd 2.3.1 and brickv 2.3.15.
RED: Installed RED image 1.12.

Connected the RED to the RPi via USB, started Brick Viewer (Menu Programming > Brick Viewer; Note location changed from Menu Other).

Brick Viewer selected Updates/Flashing:
Receiving error message: latest version information on is not available (error code 1).
The Brick Viewer lists Brick Viewer Installed 2.3.15, RED Brick 2.0.3.

Brick Viewer:
Connecting to RED receiving message: Image version 1.12 (full) is not officially supported yet. Please update Brick viewer.
Pressed Access the RED, the Brick Viewer indicates Image Version 1.12 (full).

Brick Viewer Tab RED Brick:
Connecting the RED to the WiFi network with static address, pinging the RED first time (via terminal) states host unreachable.
Pressing Connect via the Brick Viewer Tab RED brick Tab Settings > Network > Configuration, the RED is reachable via ping.