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Hello everyone,

For my personnal project I use an IMU 2.0. But I face some magnetic disturbance because it is located near motors and battery (it needs to be in a specific place).

I am thinking about getting a simple compass to add in an isolated (from strong magnetic fields) place, and wonder :
The same way it exists an Accelerometer Bricklet, does TinkerForge have ever think about creating a Magnetometer Bricklet ? is it in project ?  ???

Thanks in advance !

Hi bernhard,

Indeed, a Galileo tab is ready. But when you click on it, it displays a message saying Galileo is currently not supported.


I would like to know if you still plan to add Galileo reception to the GPS Bricklet 2.0. If yes, do you have a release schedule ?
I have not found any other news than these ones : Are they the latest ?

Thanks in advance !

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