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I'm using Industrial Digital In 4 Bricklet, the first hardware version and has made my program in Python. My problem is the interupt functionality.

To one of the inputs I have connected a micro switch. Because it act as a limit switch for a stepper motor movement, (the signal is also used for reference settings) I have connected as a Normal Closed. In other word, it means that we have signal at the input in normal case. When switch is actived, then the signal drops.

In my progam I have also a row with myInput.set_edge_count_config(0b1111, 2, 50), as I want interupts on both rising and falling signals.

Whats happens, (or not happens), in my program is that I don't got any responce on the first falling edge of "switch" input. On the second activation of the switch it works as normal.

If I first touch the switch before using the rest of functions in my program, then it works.

For the other inputs I use Normal Open switches, they work as normal directly from the beginning of the program.

So, for me, it seems that the functions, and maybe the firmware, has a problem to handles signals that "High" at start up.

If somebody has a solution for my problem, or could explain what I have missed, please tell me.

// Göran

In my project I have two stepper motors, and controllers. The control program am I doing in Python.

 It had been very nice to have cam-functions in these modules.
With cam-function I mean a programmable functionality that let me set a position. When these position is passed, in one or other direction, it should trigger a callback function that inform me that we have passed this position and if we are more or less than the given position.

My questions :
- is this something that could be fullfilled without a firmware update?
(I have tried to do this with use of callback_all_data, but it seems to load the system to much.. ).
- Has somebody an idea how to make it nice, with low computer load and fast execution?

General Discussion / How to use IPConnection.CALLBACK_DISCONNECTED ?
« on: February 22, 2017, 20:00:47 »
I have a stack with a Step-Down, 2 Master Brick's, Ethernet, and some bricklets, (2 Industrial Dig In, 2 Industrial Dig Out), and a PTC module. I use Python for programming. Connection is OK, the normal function also.

BUT i would like to use the IPConnection.CALLBACK_DISCONNECTED. I have made a callback function, for get a notice that i have lost the connection. When i test it, by remove the network cable from the stack, i don't get the callback.

Any ideas what i could have wrong or missed? Or do i have missunderstand the functionality?

// Göran

General Discussion / Can not connect to Master Brick ...
« on: January 08, 2017, 19:38:05 »

I have a stack of brick's, from bottom:
- Step-down Power Supply,
- Master brick 2.1

I'm not able to get any Connections to the master brick. Mainly it should be connected to an Raspberry 2, brick daemon and brick Viewer installed.

When connecting the USB-Cable, the status led was Lightning blue, and the extension led where blinking. After 1-2 seconds only the Status led was Lightning.
With the Brick Viewer I was not able to get any Connection.
After that I connected the stack to my windows computer (win10). Brick daemon and Viewer installed. When connectiong the USB-Cable, the led's where blinking as described above.
Even in windows i couldn't get any connection to the master brick from Brick Viewer.

I demounted the master brick and tried run it stand alone.
No change - no Connection.

Suddenly the master brick was black. No light in the led's. doesn't help if I disconnect the USB-Cable and reconnect. The led's are just .. black.

I belive that I right now has at least 2 problems or more...
Please advise me, what am I doing wrong, and how do I proceed?

Best regards
Göran P

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