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  1. Hello there, First, I want to say, thanks to tinkerforge team for the great work. Recently I getting my first experience with bricks and bricklets and because I comes from the python world I was really impressive to see how many languages you having supported including python. What get my attention, was that the python API is blocking and that will be a problem to be written async application with Twisted for example. So I'm a fan of Twisted and I just starting to write Async API with name txtinkerforge ( I hope that is not in conflict with your interests, but if is it I just will rename the project name to something else) on the top of the original tinkerforge python API. There are no changes into original API I just have decorated all methods to be deffered and running in saperate thread from the reactor event loop. Unfortunately this API was tested only with MasterBrick and BrickletRemoteSwitch. Note that this API is experimental, not finished at all and could be used only in testing environment. Hope that will help to another fans of async development and once again thank you to the tinkerforge team for the great work API address: https://github.com/dimddev/txtinkerforge
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