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  1. The problem I have is that when I power cycle the board, it will always start with 150-160 degrees in the heading, despite in which way the robot is pointing. Let me explain, I wave the robot in a figure 8 until I have a correct yaw, lets say 120 degrees, all leds are green and I can press the "Save" button, but when I power cycle the board it will always come back up at 150 to 160 degress
  2. Yeah, I thought so. It´s easy to test so I will report back when I´m done.
  3. Hi, If I set the sensor fusion to not include the magnetometer for while (when a robot goes through an environment with magnetic interference), and then turn on the magnetometer after it´s ok again, will the IMU still ignore the interference it traveled through or will it include it anyway when I turn on the magnetometer ? For example, my robot relies on absolute heading, but in certain paths I have high interference that will make the calibration go crazy, but if I could turn the robot in the right direction and then turn off the magnetometer and only rely on relative heading for a while, and then turn on magnetometer when I´m on the other side. Will this idea work ?
  4. Hi, I bought a IMU Brick 2.0 a few weeks ago. And it is really great. However, I cannot save the calibration, I wave the brick in a figure 8 and get all green on the status "leds" in Brick Viewer, I click the button and it looks like it´s saving, but when I power cycle the board it comes back up again with the old settings. I have flashed the IMU a couple of times to see if it would solve it, but no. I´m using the latest firmware, which I believe is the 2.0.14 ? Any help is appreciated! Thanks,
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