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  1. @ rtrbt Sorry for the late reply,i installed the new binding today! Vielen danke! kind regards, Wannes
  2. Hi Stefan, ”-Masterbrick 2.1 (is via USB conneted with the Raspberry)“ There is a difference in setup ! My tinkerstack is connected with openhab true a wifi extension (v2) Probably the problem lies there. My firmware(s) is up to date since installed binding 2.5 v 11 I do not get errors in my log when i activate a switch after powering back on tinkerforge. Kind regards. Wannes
  3. Hi Stefan, I will try to explain a bit more: 1) I start with everything working fine... 2) When i switch of and on the power on my tinker forge bricks, (with system running fine) 3) Everyting "tinker-like" item seems to disconnect and reconnect fine according the logs? 4) BUT! when i toggle any switch(thing) in openhab to command a tinker output , nothing happens? and no error is logged? 5) After a restart of the openhab tinkerforge binding(reloading the .rar file), it all works again. So basically, the connection between openhab and my tinker outputs gets lost after a power of/on of the tinkerforge bricks. So if the power on my bricks is interrupted during the day, my garage does not open when i come home Kind regards, Wannes
  4. Hello, I think ran into a bug. Setup: -raspi 3B -openhab 2.5 snapshot -tinker binding version 11 loaded as .jar -maserbrick with dual relay brick and industrial in 4 brick. After power loss on my tinker stack and a power up again the commands from openhab don't seem to come true anymore. Only after restart of the binding my relais and inputs work again in openhab. The bricks seem to reconnect fine. I added a debug log disconnecting and reconnecting again. regards, j. TinkerLog.txt
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