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  1. Thank you rtrbt, I tried many calibrations and all are the same, the error still high for me, sometimes it goes as high as 20 degrees as i mentioned in the original post, So, i don't think it is only calibration problem. Thank you steve, Can you tell me which imu you went for ? Again, thank you Going for something that is sensitive to magnetic isn't a good choice for me as i need it to work outdoors with another cars around and other field sources that i can't avoid So in words you are telling me that this is the best i can get from the tinker
  2. Thank You for your response, I did calibrate it and saved the calibration, but do you mean that before I start I have to wait until the calibration state value is 0b111111 ? I don't have any varying magnetic field source around the device, but is a piece of metal considered a source of changing mag. field? I did the test again and that is the output [Heading] for each time I move the imu and bring it back to its initial position: [130, 135.12, 135.06, 131.81, 130.4, 136.56, 137.6, 135.19, 136.25, 131.81, 135.31] Still varies within 6 degrees in the same orientation.
  3. Hello, I am using imu v2 brick and the heading is drifting each time i move the imu around then, bring it back to the original orientation here, graph of my data Data File : https://drive.google.com/open?id=10oZmZbXHNbt_hVxKdvHcBp-fRI97i6LU at start the heading value is "359.6" after moving the imu around it was "132.25" moving it around again it was "133.3" i have 2 problems here, 1: the change from 359 to 132 is strange 2: drift from 132 to 133 .. sometimes it goes high up to 20 degrees drift I also noticed that there is a
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