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  1. Okay, thank you very much for your reply, I will look it up!
  2. Hello, I am using a Thermal Imaging Bricklet to create thermal images. My question is general, but I wanted to know on which formula the generated color palette is based and what's the logic behind it? For example in python the color palette creation looks as follows: for x in range(256): x /= 255.0 palette.append(int(round(255*math.sqrt(x)))) # RED palette.append(int(round(255*pow(x, 3)))) # GREEN if math.sin(2 * math.pi * x) >= 0: palette.append(int(round(255*math.sin(2 * math.pi * x)))) # BL
  3. Hey thank you very much for your reply. Do you maybe know if there is a certain known algorithm to do this? And how much would the obtained image deviate from reality?
  4. Hey, I am using a Thermal Imaging Bricklet. I'm currently trying to get the temperature and the contrast image at the same time. It says in the documentation that it's not possible (from what I understood) I have tried using both (TEMPERATURE IMAGE/ HIGH CONTRAST IMAGE) one after another, each time creating a new BrickletThermalImage but it didn't work. I also tried to make a variation, as following: if counter % 2 == 0: //Even Number ==> get temperature image ti_temp = BrickletThermalImaging(UID, ipcon) ti_temp.set_image_transfer_config(ti_temp.IMAGE
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