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  1. I couldn't replicate it either. However, after reading the forum again I wrote the following script. function imu_offset_measurement() clear ALL clear callback_workspace %to clear its persistent variables clear global clc close ALL import com.tinkerforge.IPConnection; import com.tinkerforge.BrickIMUV2; global arrayElapsedTime; global arrayRawAcceleration; global arrayAngularVelocity; global arrayMagneticField; disp('START'); HOST = 'localhost'; PORT = 4223; UID = '6467RG'; % Change XXYYZZ to the UID of your IMU
  2. Dear all, I am using the IMU 2.0 for a project and I found that the magnetometer has a weird behavior at least during All Data Callback function in MATLAB. I didn't check using getters or any other callback, but that shouldn't be an impediment for proper functioning anyways. The IMU is supposed to be calibrated although the problem may still be related to that. When the sensor is operated with the fusion mode by default (no explicit fusion mode command is written in the computer) the magnetometer gives values that are constant with respect of time (no noise at all). When the fusion mode is
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