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  1. I've confirmed that running the brick and bricklets with an external 5V supply seemed to prevent the error states. So possibly some interferrence caused by the DC power supply within the enclosure. I tried some rudimentary shielding around the thermocouple bricklet, but that didn't seem to help on its own. So I think I'll try out an isolator bricklet to see if that will improve the stability. Worst case I'll just have to find a different power supply or change my enclosure around a little. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! EDIT: Will the isolator bricklet be comptible
  2. @rtrbt Thanks for pointing that out, I should have seen that in the docs! It does seem that's what's happening. I can see the open-circuit errors happening in sync with the little plateaus in the readings. That makes sense. But what could be causing the open-circuit errors? Some interference in the system? I can see it happening with two different probes. Admittedly they're not particularly expensive or high quality probes, but I don't have any reason to suspect they're both faulty. Nothing is moving when I see errors, so I'm not sure it's any physical connection at fault either. C
  3. Hi all, I've been working on a PID temperature controller and have been loving the Tinkerforge system overall. The only issue I haven't been able to solve is an intermittent "sticking" of readings from my thermocouple bricklet V2 with a K-type probe. I'm using the thermocouple callback to give me a value every 1 second as reccomended by the docs, with 'value_has_to_change' set to False. This works great 99% of the time. But occassionally and apparently randomly, the bricklet returns an identical reading for a short period of time. You can see in my attached image: the two little plate
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