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  1. I'm looking for some interesting case studies where TF hardware was used to prototype a functional device, like for example http://slideplayer.com/slide/10828795/ - is there more of such projects? I'm collecting examples for my PyCon PL 2017 presentation and such projects would be great to showcase.
  2. IO-4 bricklet is at 3.3V so I would have to use a logic level converter (I have this one) and provide 5V to the external board on my own. Would that work? IO-16 can do 5V but won't provide 5V without step-down power brick. If I provide 5V to the external device can IO-16 handle 5V logic without the power brick?
  3. There are various mini robots like Tamiya or other that use low power DC motors. The DC brick can handle one 28V and 5A peak motor for 49,99 EUR. To control 4 motor robot kit it would require 200 EUR, while each motor is usually below 1A and like 3-5V. I've seen cheaper DC controllers for such weaker motors (cheaper than those for bigger amps motors). Maybe there could be a low-power-DC brick that would allow controlling those robot kits without spending insane amount of money?
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