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  1. C'mon translate that to english, I'm waiting for those proper binding for months.
  2. Hi, I need to read 2 x NTC 10K termistors values, Can that be done with any tinkerforge brick? Maciej
  3. not sure about that one as it has rtc and stuf. but I successfully used this dumber one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32888533624.html on zero + hat
  4. This is V2 latest extension with updated firmware. connection running simple WPA2. The only unusual setup item is that the SSID of network is not broadcast. The drop period is always the same, is there some kind of watchdog in the brick?
  5. I have noticed that wifi brick is not reliable. I have a prototype sensor based on the wifi extension (sensor_1) and second one using RPI zero W (sensor_2) running at the same time in the very same location on the uni campus. Wifi signal is perfect at around -55 The infrastuture is CISCO enterprise AP's The tinkerforge bricklet will drop from the network occasionaly and will always do that for 3h45m an then it will recover. Why? What is wrong with it? On a graph when the response is 1k the sensor is unavailable.
  6. Ok I made a considerable time investment including building a test device with Precise temperature probe to measure how precise is the H2 with 1s sampling and the conclusion is that you need subtract 1 deg C will make it more or less within .2 of the real temperature https://www.dropbox.com/s/sd6kd1ieb9dqems/Inked2018-11-13%2013.55.23_LI.jpg?dl=0 BTW attachments still do not work on this forum, please fix it.
  7. @borg We really need to have the API python module updated so we can set samples per second to even lower value then the 1 sps introduced in firmware 2.0.3 While 1 sps made the problem much smaller I see that after 5-10 minutes the sensor will start heating up just slower then it was with 20 samples/s , in my measurements 0.8 to 1.3 deg C. It is a big problem as the sensor is not reliable as it is now
  8. ok I just loaded new firmware and so far so good. Now the Hv2 is within 0.05 C from the PTC that is siting 1cm away from it. So far so good. will burn it over couple days Thanks Maciej
  9. Good it sounds solvable, as it is a pressing issue for me maybe if we go down to .33 Hz (that is plenty good for the environment monitoring) I also see that a cooprocesor was not such a great idea as (for a temp sensor at least) it is a significant heat source as you can see on the IR camera. about 4.5 above ambient that was 25.6 at that moment. https://www.dropbox.com/s/12wnvxibm1duqod/2018-10-15%2015.36.54.jpg?dl=0 BTW forum Atachments do not work anymore. --------- on a second thought if that was a self heating issue that would be a problem over time, and it is showing up imediately after I power a sensor device.
  10. Are you planning to use solar charge controller for the battery, or you want to do it exclusively on the TF bricks? How big the panel and battery do you want to use? I do something similar for the night lights in the kids treehouse right now but will use external charge controler with MPPT tracker to charge the lipo batery pack of around 150Wh. V/C bricklet just for reporting back to house the status. Maciej
  11. I just started using the Humidity v2.0 around house and noticed they hive consistently higher temp readout then normal temp bricklets. They were supposed to be more accurate yes? But I just took out the the PTC bricklet and mounted it next to the Humidity v2 and it gives exact 0.85 deg of diffrence ptc:26.19 temp Hv2:27.04 diff:0.85 ptc:26.19 temp Hv2:27.04 diff:0.85 ptc:26.19 temp Hv2:27.04 diff:0.85 ptc:26.19 temp Hv2:27.05 diff:0.86 ptc:26.2 temp Hv2:27.05 diff:0.85 And Just to me clear I tested 2 different Humidity V2 units next to each other and they are exactly the same so that is not a single faulty bricklets. What is your experience with those? -----edit So I tested 2 diffrent sensors and a PTC concurently and the results are ptc:20.37 temp Hv2:22.0 temp2 Hv2:21.75 diff:1.63 diff2:1.38 ptc:20.37 temp Hv2:22.01 temp2 Hv2:21.75 diff:1.64 diff2:1.38 ptc:20.37 temp Hv2:22.01 temp2 Hv2:21.74 diff:1.64 diff2:1.37 ptc:20.37 temp Hv2:22.02 temp2 Hv2:21.74 diff:1.65 diff2:1.37 -------------- So now I placed the test setup next to the old classic temp bricklet that shows 26.0 ptc:26.04 temp Hv2:27.21 temp2 Hv2:26.86 diff:1.17 diff2:0.82 ptc:26.04 temp Hv2:27.21 temp2 Hv2:26.86 diff:1.17 diff2:0.82 ptc:26.04 temp Hv2:27.21 temp2 Hv2:26.86 diff:1.17 diff2:0.82 So it is spot on with the PTC and the humidity temp redout is 1.2 - 0.8 off that is way outside the specs
  12. You got the point exactly, I have 2K Euro worth of brick an bricklets and really would appreciate to have a binding update with every new brick released, for sensors I sometimes resort to running a pooling python script on the RPI and pass the data to openhab with MQTT but that is not the way it should be done By some fluke of early adopter craze I did ordered a bunch of new briclets to do security system in the shed and should have gone for the old motion sensor and old dualrelay as this one is not supported
  13. Dear, What is ETA for the support for this bricklet and the new Motion Sensor 2.0 My garden shed just got robbed and the new alarm system (motion sensor bricklets) is on its way already, but to finish it i need openhab suporting the new parts. TIA Maciej
  14. On I/O 4 I have a button that shorts The pin to board ground. Detection is done by Tinkerforge OpenHAB binding. I do not understand pull-up sugestion. You want me to add a 1Kohm resistor in the button circuit? The interference does happen if the button is disconected and the I/O4 is simply conneted to the brick without any pin connected. For now I have a rough workaround. Since the interference is shorting the pins for about 200ms. I wrote openhab rule that requires 2 sec button press to enable the pump or lights in Pool. But the problem is still there.
  15. hi, I have a simple setup next to the POOL that includes a POE powered Master brick with 4 bricklets. 1)PTC 2)Dual Relay (pool pump, pool lights) 3)Dual Relay (garden light, not used) 4)I/O 4port when I use 2 ports for manual switches for pool pump and pool lights Now the trick is that when I connect my EV charger to the car (10A) that is on the same phase as pool pump. I/O ports will close for a short time as if the button would be pressed. This will start the pool pump and lights. I'm guessing there is some interference from the Dual Relay going into the I/O 4port, but how is that possible? From an OH2 log I can see that i/o 4 putton press takes aboout 200ms, Any ideas how to mitigate such a problem? 2018-04-04 22:48:57.874 [itemStateChangedEvent ] - Pool_in2 changed from OPEN to CLOSED 2018-04-04 22:48:57.881 [itemStateChangedEvent ] - Pool_in3 changed from OPEN to CLOSED 2018-04-04 22:48:57.901 [itemCommandEvent ] - Item 'Pool_Relay1_ligths' received command ON 2018-04-04 22:48:57.911 [itemStateChangedEvent ] - Pool_Relay1_ligths changed from OFF to ON 2018-04-04 22:48:57.923 [itemCommandEvent ] - Item 'Pool_Relay2_pump' received command ON 2018-04-04 22:48:57.925 [itemStateChangedEvent ] - Pool_Relay2_pump changed from OFF to ON 2018-04-04 22:48:57.957 [DEBUG] [eclipse.smarthome.model.script.OTHER] - --------- Pool Pump Timer sleep time:7200000 2018-04-04 22:48:58.071 [itemStateChangedEvent ] - Pool_in2 changed from CLOSED to OPEN 2018-04-04 22:48:58.076 [itemStateChangedEvent ] - Pool_in3 changed from CLOSED to OPEN
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