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First of all, I'm beginner with python and tinkerforge brick/briklet.

I have a system with hat brick + 2 IMU V3 Bricklet + 1 GPS V3 bricklet. My script run well to acquire data and do what I want, which is a good thing. But, I can't manage to set the status led config for IMU(s). I would like to set the led to heartbeat when my system is recording but I can't manage to do it.

I tried this after ipcon.connect(...) :


It gives me this error :

TypeError: set_status_led_config() missing 1 required positional argument: 'config'

Does some one could help me for this ?

Thanks in advance

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You have to call "set_status_led_config(2)" on the IMU object you created before.

You probably have something like this in your code:

imu = BrickletIMUV3(UID, ipcon)

Afterwards, set the LED config like this:


Have a look at one of the IMU examples and note how "get_quaternion()" is used on the "imu" object.

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