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Dual relay Bricklett out of function


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Yesterday ordered, today delivered, now out of function. Not displayed in BrickV as expected from the beginning. Have connected three other brickletts (humi, baro, temp). Checked every thing (cable check, connector changed etc). Power too low (usb from notebook)? Two blue leds on the relay bricklett are glowing gently (very low).

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State 0: First switch on after delivery & connection, starting BrickV, there is no tab for Dual Relay Bricklet. All other brikletts works.

State 1: Checking cables, brick, all seems to be OK.

State 2: Repower, clicking Btn "Updates / flashing".

State 3: Now, Dual Relais bricklet is shown, but has no UID.

State 4: Tab "Bricklet" selected, dropdown list "Plugin Dual relay" selected.

State 5: Btn "Save" clicked.

State 6: UID was restored automatically.  :o

State 7: All is fine.  :)

State 8: Have a beer.  8)


Fantastic product, should buy some shares... ([glow=red,2,300]has the smell of a great future[/glow], this is not just only for playing)

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