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[Javascript] Brick/Bricklet Name


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Ha, da musste ich auch erst überlegen ;) Das müsste nur so gehen, und zwar über die Klasse und sein statischer Member DEVICE_DISPLAY_NAME, verfügbar aber erst ab


...in c# in etwa...

  static void EnumerateCB(IPConnection sender,

                            string uid, string connectedUid, char position,

                            short[] hardwareVersion, short[] firmwareVersion,

                            int deviceIdentifier, short enumerationType)


        System.Console.WriteLine("UID:              " + uid);

        System.Console.WriteLine("Enumeration Type:  " + enumerationType);


        if(deviceIdentifier == BrickMaster.DEVICE_IDENTIFIER)


            System.Console.WriteLine("device name:" + BrickMaster.DEVICE_DISPLAY_NAME);





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