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set spotmeter config


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I am using thermal sensor and HAT Zero with Raaspberry Pi. I wanted to set ROI from my python script to get temperature. I have tried setting the ROI using ti.set_spotmeter_config(first_column=20, first_row = 20, last_column = 40, last_row = 40).  It is giving me this kind of error. 

    TypeError: set_spotmeter_config() takes 2 positional arguments but 5 were given

How can I resolve this error? 



#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Shows live thermal image video in Tk window

HOST = "localhost"
PORT = 4223
UID = "LcZ" # Change XYZ to the UID of your Thermal Imaging Bricklet

from tinkerforge.ip_connection import IPConnection
from tinkerforge.bricklet_thermal_imaging import BrickletThermalImaging

import math
import time
    from Tkinter import Tk, Canvas, PhotoImage, mainloop, Label # Python 2
    from Queue import Queue, Empty
    from tkinter import Tk, Canvas, PhotoImage, mainloop, Label # Python 3
    from queue import Queue, Empty

from PIL import Image, ImageTk

WIDTH  = 80
SCALE  = 10 # Use scale 5 for 400x300 window size (change for different size). Use scale -1 for maximized mode

image_queue = Queue()

# Creates standard thermal image color palette (blue=cold, red=hot)
def get_thermal_image_color_palette():
    palette = []

    for x in range(256):
        x /= 255.0
        palette.append(int(round(255*math.sqrt(x))))                  # RED
        palette.append(int(round(255*pow(x, 3))))                     # GREEN
        if math.sin(2 * math.pi * x) >= 0:
            palette.append(int(round(255*math.sin(2 * math.pi * x)))) # BLUE

    return palette

# Callback function for high contrast image
def cb_high_contrast_image(image):
    # Save image to queue (for loop below)
    global image_queue

def on_closing(window, exit_queue):

if __name__ == "__main__":
    ipcon = IPConnection() # Create IP connection
    ti = BrickletThermalImaging(UID, ipcon) # Create device object
    ipcon.connect(HOST, PORT) # Connect to brickd
    print (ti.get_spotmeter_config())
    # Don't use device before ipcon is connected

    # Register illuminance callback to function cb_high_contrast_image
    ti.register_callback(ti.CALLBACK_HIGH_CONTRAST_IMAGE, cb_high_contrast_image)

    # Enable high contrast image transfer for callback
    # Create Tk window and label
    window = Tk()
    # Run maximized
    if SCALE == -1:        
        window.geometry("%dx%d+0+0" % (window.winfo_screenwidth(), window.winfo_screenheight()))
        window.update() # Update to resize the window
        w, h = window.winfo_width(), window.winfo_height()
        SCALE = min(w // WIDTH, h // HEIGHT)

    label = Label(window)

    image = Image.new('P', (WIDTH, HEIGHT))
    # This puts a color palette into place, if you 
    # remove this line you will get a greyscale image.
    exit_queue = Queue()
    window.protocol("WM_DELETE_WINDOW", lambda: on_closing(window, exit_queue))

    while True:        
            break # If the exit_queue is not empty, the window was closed.
        except Empty:
        # Get image from queue (blocks as long as no data available)
        image_data = image_queue.get(True)

        # Use original width/height to put data and resize again afterwards
        image = image.resize((WIDTH, HEIGHT))
        image = image.resize((WIDTH*SCALE, HEIGHT*SCALE), Image.ANTIALIAS)

        # Translate PIL Image to Tk PhotoImageShow and show as label
        photo_image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(image)
        y = ti.get_statistics()
        z = ((y[0][1]*655)/65535)- 273
        print (z)

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