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LAN connection problem


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I have a new Warp2 Pro charger with FW 1.1.0. The LAN Connection interrupts always after a couple of minutes .

Device disappears and can not be accessed via LAN ip address.

WLAN works fine.

A reconnection of LAN cable does not help.

The box needs always to be disconnected from power for a short time.

LAN configuration is DHCP.   FritzBox uses always same ip address.




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I do not want to attach the log file to this chat since there are some NW details inside.

Can you provide me a email address for log file upload.


What I can see as last 2 lines within the log file are:

12127       MQTT: Connected to broker.
95633       httpd_ws_recv_frame failed to get frame len with 259


The rest looks Ok. There are not any errors.


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Do you also get "Verbinde" or "Connecting" as LAN/ethernet status? In this case the problem is usually with the ethernet cable. Also we've had one case where the router that the charger was connected to had a non-working ethernet port.

The log message indicates that a WebSocket frame could not be sent, however if you can't load the Webinterface at all, there is no WebSocket connection. So this is likely a message generated when you disconnect from the chargers WiFi access point.

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