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Beta release of the MQTT bindings
« on: January 24, 2019, 16:22:24 »

As of today, a beta version of the MQTT bindings 2.0 is available. Please tinker around with them and post any bugs, suggestions and other feedback here.

The MQTT bindings are now generated like other programming language bindings. All Bricks and Bricklets are supported. The bindings map directly to the Python bindings, which is why they are not backwards-compatible to the old MQTT proxy. The MQTT proxy is now discontinued.

The current version of the bindings is attached to this post, including examples.

The bindings depend on Python >= 2.7.9 or >= 3.4 and the Paho library (>= 1.3.1) available here.

The documentation can be found here

Have a lot of fun!


Version 2.0.1
- Fix handling of JSON errors for Python 2
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