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  1. I've been trying to think of a project I can work on and I was wondering if Tinkerforge would work well enough for a chronograph. I would be measuring the speed of a pellet from my pellet gun and if possible real ammo. I have been reading around it it seems like the best way to take measurements is with Infrared. I'm not sure if Tinkerforge could handle the speeds of those projectiles. Do you think it would work or should I just program an bare Avr or other microcontroller using C?
  2. When Tinkerforge was pretty new, I bought a v1.0 master brick. I haven't messed with any Tinkerforge bricks in some years and was recently wanting to design something. I noticed that there is a v 2.0 of the Master Brick now. Should I just go ahead and buy that or is the 1.0 version still supported with firmware?
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