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  1. Hello , I'm writing you about your IMU Brick 2.0. I could use this module alone with a Wifi master Brick or I need to add a Master Brick ? Thank you
  2. Hello everybody, I'm trying to implement a code (Python) to get position x y z from IMU Brick 2.0 accelerometer, in live mode. In the first step, I implemented the rotate accelerometer by quaternion to remove the gravity and rotation of my sensor. After i integrate directly to have velocity and position : example : Vx(k) = Vx(k-1)+Ax(k)*dt X(k) = X(k-1) + Vx(k)*dt Nevertheless, into my accel. data I have an offset. Somebody would have already implemented this type of code to remove the offset (drift) ? to get the position I don't know if i must a kalman filter or oth
  3. Super, It's working now. Sorry for my mistake. Thank you very much for your support. Best regard Jérôme
  4. I'm using a Brick IMU 2.0 with its example : https://www.tinkerforge.com/en/doc/Software/Bricks/IMUV2_Brick_Python.html#simple When I opened the source of Brick IMU 2.0, i can notice : Into communication.c : void get_quaternion(const ComType com, const GetQuaternion *data) { GetQuaternionReturn gqr; gqr.header = data->header; gqr.header.length = sizeof(GetQuaternionReturn); gqr.x = sensor_data.qua_x; gqr.y = sensor_data.qua_y; gqr.z = sensor_data.qua_z; gqr.w = sensor_data.qua_w; send_blocking_with_timeout
  5. Hi Photron, Exactly. I have a IMU Brick 2.0. And I have this error when i'm using your example of IMU Brick 2.0.... Best regard
  6. Hello , I'm using Python 3.6. I can run the example to emunerate my device. When I'm using example_simple.py from IMU brick 2.0. I have an error message from imu.get_quaternion() in get_quaternion return GetQuaternion(*self.ipcon.send_request(self, BrickIMU.FUNCTION_GET_QUATERNION, (), '', 'f f f f')) File "C:\Users\JPannetier\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\tinkerforge\ip_connection.py", line 1194, in send_request return unpack_payload(response[8:], form_ret) File "C:\Users\JPannetier\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\tinkerforge\ip_connection.py", line 251, in unp
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