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Data logging?


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My take on data logging is that it's about both persistent storage and graph-centric visualization. A plain database doesn't give me any visualization. RRDTool looks attractive because it can produce very nice graphs, but it's not exactly trivial to use.


With your approach, where does your DB live physically? What did you do to avoid having your DB trigger hard disk activity constantly? My "controller" is my iMac, and I don't really fancy wearing out its main disk.

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It lives on a small mini itx atom based server with a cheap laptop HD. Over a year now reading/writing approx 50 times/sec to the SQL database with no problems. It also hosts a website where I can display the data however i choose - i have a full data historian which took me about a day to write in asp.net (c#).


A small program handles all the incoming data and processes it based on a customisable rule set - Also administered by the website. The program can send/receive http commands so anything connected via LAN(or WAN) can be added to the sensor network

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