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IPConnection Enumerate


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My issue is that i want wait to enumerate all device in an Host (Can have many host) before doing any processing.


The issue with System.out.read is to past this statement, an user should interact.

Without System.out.read, ipcon are disconnected and we aren't certain had enumerated devices...


(Sorry for my English)

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After re-reading what you wrote a few times (yes, I'm afraid your English is poor), I think I understand what you mean.


I'm afraid the core issue is how to coordinate multiple threads. The enumeration callbacks are called on a different thread than your own application thread. The callbacks are performed by a thread that is started by the Tinkerforge framework.


There are two approaches to solve the problem:

a) the hack: include a hard-coded delay of a few seconds

b) the proper way: use proper thread synchronization (e.g. using wait/notify, or any of the higher level concurrency mechanisms in java.util.concurrency).


The hack will probably be OK, and is just a matter of calling Thread.delay().




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