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KNX Standard


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I would like to ask your opinion on the KNX standard. Do you see any advantages in developing a KNX brick of bricklet?


The KNX site describes some very interesting features:

"KNX is the only bus system worldwide that offers the complete range of transmission media for building control systems: Twisted Pair, Powerline, Radio Frequnecy and Ethernet IP. Transmission media can easily be coupled with KNX media couplers. The KNX applications are commissioned with ETS, the manufacturer, product and trade independent tool."




It also has an IP protocol:

"The transmission of KNX telegrams via Ethernet is defined as KNXnet/IP and is a part of the KNX Standard. Until now the specifications included the use of this medium for PC interfaces and for routers. IP routers are similar to line couplers, except that they use Ethernet for the main line. Moreover it is nowadays also possible to integrate KNX end devices directly via IP in the KNX network. That’s why Ethernet resp. IP (Internet Protocol) is a fully valued KNX medium. The development of KNX IP devices does not require special KNX components."


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