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Praxis LIVE v2 released


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Praxis LIVE is a hybrid visual IDE for working with video, audio, MIDI, OSC ... and, of course, TinkerForge!  :)  Version 2 features two major changes, both of which impact on TinkerForge usage.


  • New Code API - version 2 massively extends live-code support, providing the ability to define and re-define built-in and custom components at runtime.
  • Distributed Hubs - projects can now be run across multiple computers.


All of the TinkerForge code in Praxis LIVE has been rewritten to use the new code API. So, while there aren't (yet) additional bindings, because I'm reluctant to release code I can't test, it is possible to create a custom TinkerForge binding, or fork an existing one, to interface with any brick(let).  And you can do this while your project is running.


Have a look at the code for the built-in Distance IR bricklet binding. Note the use of annotations - the Praxis LIVE environment handles all device discovery and threading automatically.


Of course, if you're not happy coding, the new code API also makes it easier to share custom components - I'm happy to write if you're happy to test!  ;)


The distributed hub support is interesting because it allows for TinkerForge components to be connected to a different (or many different!) computers from the one you're controlling your project from.  It should be possible to run the command-line slave on a Pi or RED brick, too, though I haven't yet tested.  I can also create a lightweight build without audio/video modules if there's a desire for that.


Thanks for your interest, Neil

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