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Cannot get responses to TCP/IP requests


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Hi all,


For reasons I won't go into just now, I need to use the TCP/IP API for my TinkerForge project. I'm using Java as my programming language to create and send the UDP packets to the Master Brick. The Brick/Bricklets are all live and can be viewed in the TF viewer. I have checked to make sure that the Master Brick can be pinged (it can), and that my byte sequences (for the UID) are correctly orderred (little-Endian). I'm only sending the simplest of 8-byte commands (without payload), i.e. asking the Master Brick for its Ethernet status, or asking a Temperature bricklet for its current temperature, but I'm just not getting any responses at all on the socket receive() call.


Can anyone suggest what else I can try, or some other way of debugging or making progress ? Please ?


Thanks !


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You wrote

send the UDP packets to the Master Brick
, but you mean: you send TCP/IP packets to the brickd service or directly to a master with an ethernet extension?


You'll need a TCP socket, not an UPD socket.


You followed this instruction: http://www.tinkerforge.com/de/doc/Low_Level_Protocols/TCPIP.html#llproto-tcpip?

You should dump your data packet in your code first, then you can compare which bytes sequence you're sending.

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