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Kinda confused as to whats included with the "starter kit"


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I have been looking for a weather station to build around my Raspberry Pi and the "starter kit" looks awesome, I am confused a little about whats included;


-It looks like it comes disassembled, and assembly shouldn't be too hard.


-How hard is it to connect to a Raspberry Pi? Are there system images that can be downloaded, or do I have to worry about trying to get it programed myself?


-My ultimate goal is to have something that displays the weather values, as well as records them in a database (either windows-based or RaspberryPi-based) and can be accessed on another computer. I want to choose time ranges (years or more) and check charts as too how the weather has been. Does this allow for it?




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sorry about my bad english, but i think i can answer some questions:


- Assembling is really easy and there is a good documentation online

- Connection Raspberry Pi to Weatherstation Starterkit via USB

- Installation Brickdaemon and bindings on Raspbian was easy (i dont know much about Linux and i had successfully installed These Programs)

- there ist no out-of-the-box-Application i thougt.


i made my first steps with the documentation an a local Installation of thingverse (thingverse ist similar to xively i think) because xively was closed.


I hope you could understand my horrible english und good luck.




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build a Raspberry Pi solution using www.Domoticz.com server interfacing with TinkerForge Bricklets via an own developed B4J Webserver (www.b4x.com).

Think Domoticz is a good alternative to openHAB. Easy to add devices, data stored in SQLite database, Various trending with export functionality. There are no TinkerForge bindings for Domoticz, therefor build B4J Webserver using Inline Java with the TinkerForge.jar library to get the Bricklet Data and update the Domoticz sensors. Not complex to develop btw 8)

I am working on the documentation and will share soon.

... in the meantime have a look at www.rwblinn.de under Home Automation Solution...


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setup I am using:

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

TinkerForge: Master Brick, Bricklets:Temp, Hum, Baro, Illu, LCD, IO16

Software: Domoticz, B4J, Brick Deamon

Example simple Screenshot:



In the meantime, the solution has been developed further like adding TinkerForge LCD, trigger messages, adding switches, using IO16 - running all really well on the small Raspberry Pi.

//Really need to start documenting this further  ::)


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