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Regarding PE connection for Dual Analog In Bricklet


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I'm using a Dual Analog In bricklet to measure some water flow.

The sensor I'm using requires DC 5V Power supply and reports

its value in a range of 0.5V to 3.5V.

So, I've connected the Bricklet to the flow device this way:

- 5.0V Output pin '+' to the 5V

- 5.0V Output pin '-' to Ground

- +/-35V Input 1 'pin 0' to flow analog signal

- +/-35V Input 1 'pin 1' to 5.0V Output pin '-'

This allows me to get some value but it with some kind of offset (around 700mV)

regarding to the expected value.

According to the technical support's answer I got from the manufacturer of the device, I should connect the PE of the flow sensor to the equipment which is used to measure the signal of the device.

I'm not sure how I would do this (I guess it would be to the 5.0V Output pin '-' to Ground), so any advise would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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