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Sensor jitter / too much data


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I'm using a number of different sensors and am finding some of them are reporting a lot of value changes. This is especially true of my humidity, air pressure and ambient light (v1) sensors.


When combined with the MQTT proxy this is leading to a lot of data traffic - multiple times per second per sensor kind of thing.


For air pressure the changes are usually around 0.01 mbar which I don't care about. Is it possible to only fire the callback when a rounded 0.1 (or whatever I choose) difference is seen? I don't want it to only callback when a value change is > 0.1 but instead when the 1st number after the decimal point changes.

So if I see this:

1010.335  rounds to 1010.3 no callback

1010.348  rounds to 1010.3 no callback

1010.389  <-- rounds to 1010.4 to fire callback here.


The humidity sensor is worse as it varies over 1% very frequently (see attachment).


So far I've been moderating the data flow in my application but this doesn't solve the network traffic to the MQTT broker being very high.


I feel that I should plug this before it hits the mqtt broker service but am open to suggestions!


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