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web access to wifi 2.0 extension


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Hi there,


I have a Wifi Master 2.0 extension (FW 2.1.3) on Master Brick 2.1 (FW 2.4.10).

Wifi connection in client mode is setup and seemingly works: status of extension is "got IP" (see attachment), it shows up in FritzBox and in an IP scan over my network. However, the software "Advanced IP scanner" does not report any open ports.

When I connect via http:<ip-adress:4284> I get the funny response:


Dear Sir or Madam,


I regret to inform you that there is no webserver here.

This port is exclusively used for Websockets.


Yours faithfully,


    WIFI Extension 2.0


So everthing seems to work fine, but when I try to access the web frontend with <IP-adress>:80 I only get "404 file not found". Following the documentation I should see a web front, shouldn't I? Or did I overlook to install something onto the Master Brick?


Thanks & Greetings




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You've found a bug.


The problem seems to be that Brick Viewer since 2.4.0 doesn't flash the WIFI Extension 2.0 correctly anymore.


If you use Brick Viewer 2.3.17 or older to flash the WIFI Extension 2.0 firmware then the Web Interface on port 80 works.


I'll figure this out and this will be fixed in the next Brick Viewer version 2.4.7.

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The problem was that during flashing the WIFI Extension firmware, Brick Viewer did not configure the flash size for the ESP8266 module correctly (Python 2 vs Python 3 bug). This resulted in the web interface HTML/CSS/JS files being stored after the configured end of flash. This make the webserver on the WIFI Extension 2.0 unable to access those files, resulting in a 404.


The bug was introduced in Brick Viewer 2.4.0 and will be fixed in Brick Viewer 2.4.7. Older or newer Brick Viewer versions are not affected.


Thanks for reporting this problem.

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