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Outdoor Weather Station WS-6147


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I'm considering buying and installing the WS-6147. AFAICT, the WS-6147 can only use four AA batteries for its power. In my site's cold climate, the temperature can drop to -30 degrees-C. The AA batteries are not likely to work very long in such temperatures. I could install a reliable Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable to the weather station, but to use it I would need to open the WS-6147 enclosure and replace its battery bank.


Q: could anyone on this list who operates a WS-6147 station tell me whether its enclosure can be easily opened to substitute a PoE power source in place of the batteries?


Q: as an alternative, is anyone aware of a PoE weather station product that has similar weather instruments features as the WS-6147?




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