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WiFi Extension 2.0 cannot connect. bug?


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I am using Wifi extension 2.0 and I have been experiencing some connectivity issues.

I have only three things that connect to it. Two python scripts and MQTT bindings. MQTT binding and one of the python scrips are always connected and running. Second python scrip is being executed every minute where it samples accelerometer data until it has a required bin size for FFT and then it finishes. I have disconnected functions implemented before exit in every script. They all run only on callbacks.

So, it seems that "brick Daemon" within wifi extensions stops taking new connections in. For example, MQTT binding script is running and working fine but any new connections is being timed out, even with the brick viewer it times out and if I would choose to stop MQTT binding script and restart even that one wouldn't connect again. The only solutions is to power cycle the brick stack. Also, I am using Step-Down Power Supply.

Or another example, I thought problem was with MQTT bindings script. I stopped it. And was only using brick viewer and on the side testing some javascript API. At some point javascrip would stop working, all new connections would timeout but brick viewer is still running and receiving sensor data but if I disconnect and try to connect again it puts me to timeout. Or sometimes I am running MQTT bindings only and then try to connect brick viewer and it would crash everything, meaning MQTT bidings would also just stop running and no more new connections accepted.

Previously I used RedBrick with USB wifi dongle but I had some issues with signal strength so I switched to WiFi extensions, previously I cannot recall having similar issues and the brick stack is running for over the year, all bricks and bricklets have the newest firmware.


Not sure what is the issue or how should I try to fix it. Maybe I am doing some bad practices on implementation. But I think I disconnect always when I stop using it. But if it reaches max limit of connections eventually it should timeout the olds ones and still let the new ones in? It never restores tho, after being stuck I can check the next day and it's still stuck. Only power cycle helps. Anyways, thanks for reading this long message and any help is much appreciated. Thanks


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