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Hey all,


I just ordered a USB extender that uses UTP cables to connect USB devices up to 50m away. I'm going to try to connect a brick using this extender to my PC.


This is the product I ordered: http://www.informatique.nl/925047/konig-usb-verlenger-via-utp-50m.html


If this works as expected I will use these to distribute bricks throughout my house and garage while the PC (or Raspberry Pi) stays in a central place.


I'll let you know about my findings.


Kind regards,

Geert Schuring.

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Thanks for information, but keep in mind that this is a USB 1.1 Extender!


If you use USB 2.0 Devices on both sides, errors may occur.

Maybe you can switch down your PC USB Port to USB 1.1 or better try this:


PC_with_USB20 --- old_USB1.1_aktive_Hub --- Extender ~~CAT~~ Extender --- Masterbrick.


This should give USB1.1 signals onto Extenderconnection!

If you use an 4 Port USB 1.1 active Hub, you can connect 4 Extender to it.


Der Loetkolben

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Since USB has always been backwards compatible, I'm assuming the extender will simply cause my PC USB port to switch to USB 1.1 automatically the same way a USB 1.1 hub would if I connect it to the PC.


I just got confirmation that the order has been shipped today, so I guess we'll find out tomorrow after I get back from work.  :P

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