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Python Temperature Sensor using io16 and temp bricklet


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Temperature Sensor


Using the io16 and temperature bricklet along with with a master brick from Tinkerforge, I have created a simple temperature sensor project which outputs its' readings to LEDs on a breadboard. The red LED lights up during warmer temperatures and the yellow LED lights up during cooler temperatures.


#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-  
# Temperature Sensor using IO16 and Temperature bricklets

import os

HOST = "localhost"
PORT = 4223
UID = "xXx" # Change to your UID for IO16 bricklet
UID2 = "xXx" # Change to your UID for Temperature bricklet

from tinkerforge.ip_connection import IPConnection
from tinkerforge.bricklet_io16 import IO16
from tinkerforge.bricklet_temperature import Temperature

ipcon = IPConnection(HOST, PORT) # Create IP connection to brickd
io = IO16(UID) # Create device object

def cb_temperature(temperature):
    running = True
    while running:
        temp = str(temperature/100.0)
        if str(2650) < temp:
            io.set_port_configuration('b', 1 << 0, 'o', False) # Set pin 0 on port b to output low
            io.set_port_configuration('b', 1 << 7, 'o', True) # Set pin 7 on port b to output high
            os.system('clear') # use 'clr' with Windows
            print 'Hot'  # display status
            print (str(temperature/100.0) + ' °C') # get reading
        elif str(2650) > temp:
            io.set_port_configuration('b', 1 << 0, 'o', True) # Set pin 0 on port b to output high
            io.set_port_configuration('b', 1 << 7, 'o', False) # Set pin 7 on port b to output low
            print 'Cold' # display status
            print (str(temperature/100.0) + ' °C') # get reading
		print 'Reading'

if __name__ == "__main__":

    t = Temperature(UID2) # Create device object
    ipcon.add_device(t) # Add device to IP connection
    # Don't use device before it is added to a connection

    # Set Period for temperature callback to 1s (1000ms)
    # Note: The callback is only called every second if the 
    #       temperature has changed since the last call!

    # Register temperature callback to function cb_temperature
    t.register_callback(t.CALLBACK_TEMPERATURE, cb_temperature)

    raw_input('Press key to exit\n') # Use input() in Python 3

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