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LCD20x4 Extension (java)


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Hey, I thought I might help out. I made a class in Java that extends the LCD20x4 Bricklet allowing you to write text without having to specify the lines. I plan to add more functions to it though (word wrap etc).


This allows you to use all the functions of the standard class as well as the new ones.



Bricklet20x4Writer LCD = new Bricklet20x4Writer("UIDHERE");

LCD.writeText("The maximum this screen can hold is 80 characters anything over will be removed!");


EDIT: https://github.com/samvaughton/TinkerTools -> This is where I'm working on it, up to date version there.


Link to the class (call your class file "BrickletLCD20x4Writer.java")




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Are you still working on the github?

I've made some extensions for the DualRealay too.


I've made a method that changes the state of the relay regardless if it's on or off. Usefull for a single button solution.

So say its on, you call switchState(int relayNo) relay1 switches to off. vica versa.

Nothing too fancy.


Got the lcd as well so i'm up to making something cool for that.


Haven't used github before only bitbucket.org.

So im not sure how it works, can you send me an invite to my mail anton.as@me.com?


Would be cool to collaborate on some extensions.

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package Extensions;
import com.tinkerforge.*;
import com.tinkerforge.IPConnection.TimeoutException;

public class DualRelay extends BrickletDualRelay 

public DualRelay(String uid)

public void switchState(int relay) throws TimeoutException

	boolean relay1 = getState().relay1;
	boolean relay2 = getState().relay2;
	if(relay == 0)
		if (relay1)
			setState(false, relay2);
		} else {
			setState(true, relay2);
	} else if(relay == 1)
			setState(relay1, false);
		} else {
			setState(relay1, true);



I've made a git repository for the extensions at Bitbucket.org:



If any of you want an invite, send me a PM.

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