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[Brickv] Performance improvement


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When one clicks Updates/Flashing, Brickv seems to take a long time (10+ seconds) before it can report on any possible updates that are available. This mechanism could be speeded up a lot by just connecting to your site, grabbing a minuscule little file containing firmware/plugin names, versions and MD5 hashes (or similar). And then comparing with the local situation. Only if the user wants to carry an actual update would you then go and download actual binary files.



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I don't think Updates/Flashing already downloads any binary files. I guess it just gathers the version information for all existing bricks and bricklets on the server, that's why it takes a few seconds. The actual firmware will only be downloaded when you start the actual flashing.

Agreed, that gathering could be streamlined by just downloading one file with all the information. Creating that file would be an extra step of work on the host...

How often do you click on Updates/Flashing?

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