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Maximum cable length between Multi touch sensor Bricklet and sensors ?

Quantum Bricklet

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Hello again,


Could somebody possibly tell me approximately the maximum length of wire that can be used for jump cables between the multi touch sensor bricklet and the touch sensors ?


I note that the details for creating pads with the Giant Game Pad kit says that a 10m length of wire can be cut into 12 sections suggesting maybe or maybe not that maximum length is limited to under 1m.  Is that example just a result of the quantity of wire being sold in the kit or is there an actual limit before the touch sensoring becomes impractical ?


I'm thinking I could possible use this in a classroom setting for multiple projects and the longer the length of the jumpers for any one project the better. 3 or 4 meters per cable (between bricklet and any one sensor) perhaps or even longer ?


Also - is it possible to say how soon it will be before the Giant game pad kit is available ?  I'm eager to buy some bricks/bricklets and accessories but don't want to purchase anything until I can get them shipped together to save costs.


Thanks for any info.


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I also have asked about the availability of the Giant Game Pad.


The answer from TF guys is that they haven't decided if and when they release it. They need to do some further usability test and will do this after the release of the "Blinken light" starter kit.


About the wire length I think only TF can realy answer this simply by testing. What I could imagine is that if the wire gets too long there will be interference.

Another option is to spend the 9€ for the bricklet and test it by yourself  ;)

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