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IR thermometer/thermostat


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New in this "game"...

I intend to build an thermostat using the IR module, master board and a relay output module. I think all this it may be about programming so for that one may turn on the relays when a temperature level is reached.

I may say that I have not so much clue about programming...

Any idea, suggestions about how to make these thing work together? There is an already application which it may do this job?

Thanks for eventual help and replays.

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Using a Master Brick, the Temperature IR bricklet and some switch (Dual Relais, Industrial Quad Relais) it should easily be possible to switch something "on" if the ambient temperature or an object temperature reaches a specific threshold.


In the API of the temperature bricklet there are also examples how to program.



However if you never have programmed something, I would suggest to dive at least a little bit into some language (Python, Java, C#....) and learn some basics.


Hope this helps

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I have got my ordered system. I can see that both the master and each module it works very well. Each module react right to its software application. Very nice!

All the bad is now (for me) that I can not bind together the each module software application to make it act as a system...

I may "dive" myself now in the programming ocean... :-\


As a suggestion, I think it could be very handy (and it may increase the use of this modular system by those who are not so used with programming), if any particular software application (written as example) for each modules, it may have a software connection interface to make possible to connect together the software applications. I know that such it is possible, but it may not be very easy task for a programmer... Anyway, a suggestion for the producer of the this nice system...

Another suggestion is a kind of very explicit and simple tutorial (what software it may be installed and used to start with programming work), by explicit steps, for the novice ones to get start into this programming world.

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