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Error when trying to connect in Win7 64bit


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I've manually installed the drivers on my Win7 64bit pc, like it was said in the tutorial but I always get an error when I press "connect" in the brickv (see screenshot).

Does somebody have an idea what could be the problem? I've restarted my pc several times and also disabled my virus scanner and firewall but the issue remains. Or is Win7 64bit not supported by the Brickd? I couldn't find any details on this so...


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It works under Win7 64Bit.


Did you check your host, the port and that the brickd is running?


The host should normally be localhost (if running from the same computer)

Port should be left unchanged (I don't remember the default)

To see whether the brickd is running go to

Start -> Rightclick on "Computer" -> Manage.


You get a window where you can navigate through a tree at the left side:

Services and applications -> Services


In the list search for brickd and check whether the status is "Running".

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