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Project WeatherCubeOne


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Hi all,


find here http://www.rwblinn.de/144k1t2.htm the first Prototype of a simple Weatherstation which I have called WeatherCubeOne. The Cube is not fully ready yet as few tweaks required, but running fine.


  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.
  • TinkerForge: Master Brick, Barometer Bricklet, Temperature Bricklet, Humidity Bricklet.
  • MakerBeam aluminum profiles.



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I have been exploring openHAB as a starter, but experienced complex to use. Then searched for alternatives and ended up with Domoticz (open source, rather active community & developments, open api, devices easy to setup via browser, action triggers, graphs with export function ... ).

Unfortunate there are no TinkerForge bindings for Domoticz, but you can use the Domoticz api to define/read/write devices. This is done via http command (which I use via a B4J Server Application = read Bricklets)

Go here for www.domoticz.com/wiki/Domoticz_API/JSON_URL's.


PS: The WeatherCubeOne has been updated today - look www.rwblinn.de. The source code for the B4J Server Application is included.

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