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Master Brick firmware upgrade


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Upgrading Bricklets using the brickviewer application is really easy,

works like a charm and, even better, does not require physical access to them.


Although upgrading master brick firmware is almost as easy,

it does require physical access (to push the upgrade button)

which is unfortunately not always possible.


In my case, this is a complex operation as I have installed

these master bricks into a DIN Rail enclosure with many bricklets

wires going through the enclosure itself.


So, is there a way to upgrade a master brick firmware "in situ" without

the need of pushing the button (such as the Over The Air Upgrade) ?


Thanks in advance for your help,



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Hello bixtor,


no, there is no known way to do this.  :'(  I know it.


There is only a additional way to flash the bricks with a command line tool. If the brick is connected to a Computer without GUI you can use the command line tool, avoiding to "transport" the brick to a GUI computer for flashing.

Pressing the Buttons is still necessary.


I am not shure using an IO4 bricket, connected to the Buttons, can solve the Problem. I am frightened that a power cycle/reset will "push" the erase button unintended.  ::)




Der Loetkolben

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If you do anything mission critical I would upgrade the master bricks immediately. I just ended troubleshooting simple relay+ LCD + thermometer setup running python script that was stopping to run  function on temp update after 2 to 4 days. It magically fixed itself after re flashing the master bricks to latest firmware.


Lucky that was a test setup but in intended setup this bug would mean I would boil 1.2 m3 of heating water container, by not running a fail -safe switch function. Scary.

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