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Node Error "Cannot find module 'tinkerforge'"


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tried to run on a Raspberry Pi with Master Brick, Wifi Ext 2.0, Ambientlight the ExampleSimple.js.

When running from the commandline $node ExampleSimple.js, received error:


    throw err;


Error: Cannot find module 'tinkerforge'


The line in ExampleSimple.js not changed:

var Tinkerforge = require('tinkerforge');


Installed the javaScript bindings using npm. Steps taken as user Pi with install message.

cd /home/pi

sudo npm -g install tinkerforge

tinkerforge@2.0.9 /usr/lib/node_modules/tinkerforge


When adding the full path to require('/usr/lib/node_modules/tinkerforge') it is working.


How to setup without the need to add the full path in require.


Any help appreciated.


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I had the same behaviour. After I installed the Tinkerforge modules globally, it was finally located in e.g. /usr/lib/node_modules.

But its needed to add this location in NODE_PATH var to env in Linux like

# export NODE_PATH=$NODE_PATH:/usr/lib/node_modules
# env


Ref.: http://www.tinkerunity.org/forum/index.php/topic,2216.msg14527.html#msg14527

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