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Getting Sensor values into vector from callback function MATLAB


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I am using Ambient Light Bricklet(V2) with MatLab. I would like to know how to get the vector data of sensor values from callback  function. Because, I want to plot this data with other sensors(Temperature and Pressure).



function matlab_example_callback()    
import com.tinkerforge.IPConnection; 
import com.tinkerforge.BrickletAmbientLightV2; 
HOST = 'localhost'; PORT = 4223; UID = 'XYZ'; 
ipcon = IPConnection(); 
al = handle(BrickletAmbientLightV2(UID, ipcon), 'CallbackProperties');  ipcon.connect(HOST, PORT); 
set(al, 'IlluminanceCallback', @(h, e) cb_illuminance(e)); al.setIlluminanceCallbackPeriod(1000); 
input('Press key to exit\n', 's'); 
function cb_illuminance(e) 
fprintf('Illuminance: %g Lux\n', e.illuminance/100.0); 

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Is this topic solved or documented? I'm struggling with exactly this.


How do I get the data from the callback function back to the main function in MATLAB? I like to write all accelerations into an array while the callback function is active. After the sensors stopped sending data, I like to run some statistics on the entire data stream.


% Register 16-bit continuous acceleration callback to function cb_continuous_acceleration
    set(a, 'ContinuousAcceleration16BitCallback', @(h, e) cb_continuous_acceleration(e));


Within the callback, I can get access to the sensor data using the "e" object. However, how do I get the data back to the main function?

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