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Set sampling frequency on MasterBrick


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Can someone help me set a higher sampling frequency on the Master brick?


I am currently running a Load cell bricklet and IR displacement sensor bricklet.  Is there a software call function that does this?  I am interacting with the MasterBrick using Matlab.


Thank you kindly

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to me it does not seem clear, what you mean with "sampling frequency of the master brick". If you want to frequently read the measured weight of the load cell you should call setWeightCallbackPeriod(period_in_ms long) of the load cell API. Maybe take a look at the MATLAB example to see how it's done. The IR distance API works similarly.


Hope that helps...




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Thank you kindly, Bernhard.


Having I am trying to visualize it in real time in Matlab and it seems like MATLAB is bottlenecking how fast real-time reading can be done.  I will try to use a call function and store the faster sampled data (using the callback function) separately.


I've attached the MATLAB script if you are interested.  The main part that slows down the acquisition (and thus storage of data) in this script is the "draw now" function.  I have recently made a GUI that uses this code as the base and allows me to stop and save the data to a specified file but I would like higher sampling rates with a callback function and seperate storage location, I hope.





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